Martin Lindkvist Pedersen

A little bit about me

My name is Martin Lindkvist Pedersen. I am just an ordinary person with an ordinary life. here I am among my most peacefull friends. The trees. I like music, nature, and enjoy very much to geek out once in a while.

I believe nature is our true God. And if we destroy it, we destroy ourselves.

Online I am known as Mjello or Aludra.

My youtube:


Christmas decorations

A good danish tradition

The entire choir

Here I am singing in Kvaglund Kirke i Esbjerg. I am no. 2 from left in the top left corner.

Syng med din egen stemme

Nice singing with good company

My fabulous TKD team

I am assistant trainer with Kasper og Freddy.

Et par medaljer

With patience I got some bling

Sort bælte graduering

Again I am all to the right

I didn't get any higher than this

It wwas so far as I got on Kilimanjaro. Sometime I will have to return the little lava rock. If you fail try again. If you want a travel partner to climb the mountain, you are welcome to contact me.

The climb was wet. Very wet

And yes this picture was taken with my mobile phone

I jumped higher than the champion

Yees I've seen you