Draw a sketch and it will dance for you

Here is the result of a course 8 lessons long made tutorial made by Grant Abbitt. It allowed you to make a 3d figure from a drawing dance. It uses Mixamo animations.

If you are using a laptop keyboard. Blender without number keyboard

In this video made by Brackeys you can learn how to import the animated character into Unity.


Introduction to blender

8 lessons made by Grant Abbitt.

You learn about the interface, basic modelling, lights and materials.

Make a pumpkin

A super nice tutorial by Grant Abbitt.

Animate a character in 15 min

A super nice tutorial by Polyfjord.

Procedural eyes in Eevee

A super nice tutorial by CGRogue.

Pendulum Waves

A super nice tutorial by Polyfjord.


Fluffy critter

Just another product of a tutorial that teaches you how to work with hair.

Animating a mouth rig

How to animate a sculpted object and make it smile.