String based roadbuilding with AI navigation enable you to build colonies for your creatures

From Desert

Environment simulation with water and growing forests

To green forests

After water and fertiliser has been used furries can harvest food to grow the clony

Defending nature against evil cubes

The combat system is enabling you to defend against volcano creatures

Lifters bring the balls further

Use the wind to bring your balls further

Finally overwhelming the cubes

Last stages of battle where the turrets fed by ammo build by your creatures overwhelm the so far evil plant burning cubes

A little paint

The creature living in Bring Back Life

Take command of maintainer 442 of seed vault 49 and take natures side in the fight.
You may be life's last hope

A small collection of programs and tutorials you can use as an artist

Examples of courses


My very first lytsaber


My very first fireball


A small gallery of art by me. More

Roll a ball

My first game on More

Drive a car in the snow

Demos and more. More

Pendulum Waves